Outlook Mode fabrics will block and reflect up to 95% of solar energy while still allowing air to pass through, helping to create a cooler, more comfortable environment naturally.
Fabric CompositionPVC coated Polyester mesh
CoatingPVC coated. Microban antimicrobial treated
Width220cm, 275cm, 320cm
Made inTBC
Care and CleaningKeep the fabric clean by brushing regularly both on the top and underside with a soft bristled brush and by hosing occasionally with clear, cold water. 2. Do not apply soaps, detergents, cleaning fluids or insecticides. 3. Keep petrol, oil, solvents, kerosene and other similar fluids away from the fabric. 4. Do not allow bird droppings, earth, sand, or vegetable matter to remain in contact with the fabric. 5. It is important that an Outlook awning or blind is let down to dry after wet weather and should not be rolled up or stowed away when wet. Outdoor furniture and cushions should also be dried before storing away. STUBBORN STAINS: CLEAN THOROUGHLY WITH NON-ABRASIVE HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS, DILUTED RUBBING ALCOHOL OR DILUTED BLEACH – 1:20 CONCENTRATION. RINSE IMMEDIATELY WITH CLEAN WATER AND DRY THOROUGHLY.
Water ResistanceN/A
Warranty5 years manufacturers warranty.
UV ProtectionShade Cover Approx 95%
BenefitsConsistent colour.  Fire retardant  Lead Free. Low Chemical emitting product