Swiftee® Outdoor Blind Cleaner


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Swiftee Outdoor Blind Cleaner – Made in Australia


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Recommended for all PVC Clear and Mesh Blinds.

Keep your blinds looking great
Remove stains and droppings
Simply hose down after cleaning
Family-friendly cleaning!

1.25L bottle

Mix a solution of Swiftee detergent and warm water.

Using a soft scrub brush, work from the top to the bottom of a piece scrubbing a small section at a time.

Rinse away soil after each section is cleaned.

Do not allow the detergent solution to dry on the fabric.


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Product Description

            Swiftee® Outdoor Blind Cleaner is  recommended for all PVC Clear and Mesh Blinds

Swiftee®_CC Brochure Ver1


Each bottle contains enough to wash a standard size blind (3 x 2 m) on both sides around 25 times.


Dilute 3 capfuls (50 mL) for every 1 L of water. Simply use a sponge, squeegee or soft-bristle brush – taking care not to scratch your clear PVC.

Restore and protect your outdoor blinds with regular annual cleaning.

Recommended by Ziptrak® Blind systems

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