Custom Pivot Awning

Our Drop-Arm Pivot awnings enhance the look of windows and small balconies and offer effective sun and heat protection as well as privacy. Custom making them allows us to meet any specific requirement of a home or commercial application.

A wide variety of fabric is available to complement the design of your home or reflect the brand and style of your business.

Our custom Drop Arm awnings are the simplest form of window awnings, they are fitted externally around a window or door frame and consist of a retractable blind made from canvas or mesh fabric. This is attached to a frame with arms that pivot half way down the window, attached to the external wall. The blinds are manually operated and adjustable to any position in a 90 degree arc. They can be easily lowered and retracted with a rope, crank handle or remote depending on the mechanism used and fastened to your desired position.

They are available with an optional cassette to protect the fabric of the awning and can be designed using most fabrics.


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