Hip Roof

Hip Roof structures are a great and affordable way to cover, protect and waterproof large commercial or residential areas. Hip Roof designs have a heightened centre-point or apex toward the middle of the structure. The additional height offered by the Hip Roof design makes this shade sail option the perfect solution for protecting tall structures such as playgrounds, commercial equipment or outdoor venues. Hip Roof structures are commonly built in schools, hospitals, playgrounds and other large commercial spaces but can also be used in residential settings often as carports.

Hip Roof shade structures have a steel frame with posts, rafters and a ridge beam which is constructed and then covered with either a shade mesh or PVC membrane canopy.

These structures can be free-standing or partially attached to a building. They can be mounted to independent concrete footings or bolted to your existing structural concrete slab.

The versatility of the design means it comes in a number of different shapes and the custom possibilities are endless making this an ideal shade solution for a wide variety of outdoor areas.


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