Revolvashade Deluxe


Product Description

The award winning Revolvashade umbrella offers excellent versatile sun protection for most patios, decks, pools and playgrounds.  Shade is easily directed to where you need protection.

The cantilever deluxe model features:

•  360° Rotation providing shade in alternative areas.
•  3 tilt positions 90°, 75°, 45°, for low sun angle protection
•  Fully retractable back to post when closed.
•  Easy finger tip control & removable handle for child safety.
•  Winch operated with heavy duty webbing.
•  Frame is powdercoated aluminium frame in choice of COLOURS with all stainless steel connecting fasteners.
•  Stainless steel bolts & fasteners.
•  3 year warranty

Australian Made


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Post Powder Coating Colours:

Posts can be finished in the Dulux Sahara range which gives a textured mark resistant finish.
Non standard colours can be made available at minimal extra cost.

Sahara Powdercoat Advantages are:
•  Outstanding scratch resistance
•  Advanced dirt pick up resistance
•  Sparkling metallic effects
•  Available in dry blend and bonded metallics
•  Wide range of colour selection
• Custom made colours upon request

Metal-Swatches-Gloss-Satin1 All-Metal-Swatches1

Fabric Colours – Standard Canopy Colours (colours may very slightly due to screen settings):


Fabric Colours – Non-Standard Canopy Colours (colours may very slightly due to screen settings):


Umbrella Dimensions:


Our two most popular umbrella base options are our in-ground base and our bolt down base. Below you will find installation instructions for you to secure your selected base properly so that your umbrella will be stable and strong for years to come.

In-ground Umbrella Base Installation Instructions:
1.    Dig a hole that is approximately 400mm wide and 900mm deep.
2.    Slide the ring onto the in-ground base.
3.    Place the base into the hole and fill the hole with concrete.

4.    Ensure that 15-20mm of the ring is exposed above ground level.  This must remain 15-20mm higher than your finished ground level including pavers, grass, tiles etc.
5.    Once you’re ready to install your umbrella, grease the outside of the pole and the top of the ring to make sure your umbrella can slide on and then rotate freely.

Bolt down Umbrella Base Installation Instructions:
1.    Place the bolt down base on the ground where it is to be installed (minimum 100mm concrete slab as per picture below).
2.    Make a mark on the ground where the four (4) holes are to be drilled.
3.    Remove the base and drill the four (4) holes that have been marked.
4.    Place the base back on the ground, lining up the pre-drilled holes with the holes on the base plate.
5.    Screw in appropriate screws (Chemset or DynaBolt) to secure the base to the ground.
6.    Once you are ready to install your umbrella, grease the outside of the pole and the top of the ring to make sure your umbrella can slide on and then rotate freely.



Revolvashade Footings


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