Voss Robb Awning

Where a cassette pivot arm awning is not required, such as, under eaves, the Aluxor Voss Robb Pivot Arm System is an economical alternative. With arms that pivot from half way down the window, when partially extended it can allow protection from overhead sun while maintaining a view to the outside.

The Pivot arms allow flexibility to set the awning to varying heights to provide protection from the varied angles of the sun throughout the day. The arms are stretched by the spring system to a maximum inclination of 155° giving stability in windy conditions.

It is constructed from high quality extruded aluminium, the single unit can be up to 5 metres wide with projections of 0.8 metres to 1.5 metres depending on the width and type of fabric.

The Aluxor Pivot Arm is available in standard colours of white, silver, cream, black, beige, and dark grey or in a selection of custom powder coat colours and a variety of fabrics to complement the awning.

The system can be operated manually by a crank handle and gear operation, or can be motorised with optional sun, wind and timer systems.


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