Zipscreen External Vertical Blind


Product Description

Zipscreen External Vertical Blind

The Zipscreen system provides an option for UV protective, wind resistant drop blinds, designed to fit exactly to each situation with no gaps between the blind and the fixing point.
A hidden zip locking function ensures the blind raises and lowers with the sides hidden inside self aligning side channels with no gaps left between the side of the fabric and the walls or the posts they are fixed to. Zipscreen blinds are secured using patented zLOCK technology to ensure that the fabric holds taut and prevents any bugs or debris from getting through. Hidden interlocking parts have been developed to work with self-aligning side channels, providing seamless operation and a sleek, stylish finish. The side channels also continuously tension the roller fabric, reducing sagging and ripples.
The top roll of the Zipscreen can be covered by an optional head box cover. Every set of blinds is customised to ensure the perfect fit. The can even be used as sunshade blinds for home and office windows, blocking out sun heat before it can be absorbed by window panes.
A Zipscreen blind can either be motorised with a remote control, crank handle operated or spring loaded.

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