Vertical Drop Blinds

Looking for a drop blind custom made to your exact requirements? Our vertical drop blinds are custom made in our Sydney factory allowing flexibility to meet most size specifications and to select any fabric.

We produce high quality drop blinds to suit any window, pergola and balcony to block out the sun, wind or rain. They are also an option for situations where privacy is the priority.

They can be manually operated using either a roller or gearbox spring loaded mechanism which makes the blind easy to raise or lower using a rope or crank handle. Or our drop blinds can also easily be motorised and operated via a remote.

Where they are protected from the weather we recommend an open roller or we have optional part or fully enclosed hoods to protect the blind from the elements.

We use only the best stainless steel components and guarantee our work with a three year warranty.

Once lowered to any height they can be fixed to that position with a variety of mechanisms including bungy cords, straps, dog clips or chains avoiding excessive movement in the wind.

Any size up to 5m wide and 3.5m drop can be accommodated and in certain circumstances larger blinds are possible.


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