Shade Sails

Shade sails offer an aesthetic form of sun protection with an elegant contemporary appearance custom made to your specifications.

A shade sail or structure is defined as a structure that is characterised by tensioning of fabric typically with wire or cable to provide the critical structural support to the awning.

Creative Canvas can design and install an architecturally attractive Shade Sail that is tailor made to your individual needs and budget. The mesh shade cloth is the most common and simplest way to provide sun protection.

Shade Sail Benefits:
• Transform your area into a new outdoor living and entertaining space
• Deflect heat and glare away from your home thus creating passive cooling without turning on air conditioning.
• Save energy and money by cooling your house with a custom shade sail.
• Keep your family safe from harmful UV radiation. Relax in comfort knowing your family is protected as Creative Canvas endorses the Cancer Council Sun Safe policies which aims to reduce UV radiation and safeguarding the long term health of people.
• Shade Sails offer Value for money compared with other cooling options for the domestic market.

Being mindful that each fabric and colour has different abilities to block or absorb UV radiation. Fabric that is dark and closely woven will block or absorb more UV radiation than lighter colours. Our shadecloth manufacturers state the level of UV protection for each colour and weave. We only use high quality – tested shade cloth in our installations as good quality shade cloth is paramount to adequate protection.

Shade Sails are suitable for:
• Balconies
• Shading over or next to the pool
• In private or public gardens
• As patio roofing

The options are vast – let our Design Consultant ensure your outdoor area is adequately covered; tell us your needs.



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