VisiontexRGBPVC coated, high tensile polyester woven Visiontex™ Plus and VisiontexUltra are the ideal solution to all your outdoor needs.
The 2×2 heavy gauge yarn offers greater versatility for all your awning, patio, pergola & drop blinds, screens, caravan awning walls, light weight sails & umbrellas. The Visiontex range is fire rated and abrasion resistant and offers a 5 year performance warranty so you know it works.


Fabric CompositionHigh tensile woven polyester
CoatingPVC Coated
Width305cm and 250cm
Made inKorea
Care and CleaningKeep the fabric clean by brushing regularly both sides of the fabric using a soft-bristle brush and hosing occasionally with clear and cold water. • Do not apply detergents, cleaning fluids, soaps or any types of insecticides and garden sprays. • Do not allow foreign matter; dirt, bird droppings, tree sap etc, to remain in contact with the fabric. • Do not allow petrochemicals or solvents to come into contact with the fabric. • Avoid harsh scrubbing or rubbing otherwise the surface of the fabric may damage. • Before stowing away your shade solution, ensure that the fabric is thoroughly dry.
Removing stubborn stains: • Mix a weak concentration of household detergent (1:20 ratio) in lukewarm water. The detergent must not contain solvents. • Apply the detergent and water mix to the fabric using a soft cloth, sponge, soft-bristle brush or soft mop. After cleaning, rinse off ALL residue with plenty of fresh clear, cold water.
Water ResistanceIn excess of 97%
Warranty5 years manufacturers warranty.
UV Protection92 – 94%.
BenefitWind block in excess of 96%, Fire rated to AS1530  Print capable
No harmful substances – lead, mercury and chromium Free. Odourless