The unique construction of Monotec 370 makes it stronger than other shadecloth types. austmade-logo-(new)This means that Monotec 370 has a greater resistance to high winds and has increased stability. Monotec 370 has been developed as an “install and forget” shadecloth.

Due to the positive memory in the round monofilament yarn, when installed correctly, there will be no need for installers to return to re-tension the fabric. This ensures that there are minimal ongoing costs to owners long after installation has been completed.

Fabric Composition100% round monofilament yarn
Width325cm and 650cm
Made inAustralia
Care and CleaningThe Best Cleaning Method For Most Shade Sails.
Using Sugar soap and a soft bristle brush.
Work the soap into the fabric and leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse the sail.
NOTE: The brush must have soft bristles and must not be applied to fabric in such a way as to damage the weave of the Shade Fabric in any way.
If using a high pressure hose, a rotating brush head attachment must be used.
Do not spray the fabric directly with a high pressure hose as this can permanently damage the fabric.
For Shade Sails With Hard To Move Dirt And Grime.
Where a commercial grade cleaning product is required for hard to move grime, we would suggest a product known as Wet & Forget.
More product information, pricing and instructions can be obtained by calling 1800 222 302 or online at
(In NZ Wet & Forget is available from major hardware stores.)
high quality shade cloth fabric is the perfect choice for your next shade project.
Water ResistanceN/A
Warranty15 years warranty and 10 year for FR rated Shade cloth.
UV Protection 84.1 – 88.5% UV Block  Colour Dependent
BenefitsAustralian Made * Vandal Resistant * Superior Strength* FR colour available