sunworkerDickson’s Sunworker Open solar-protective fabric preserves privacy while maintaining full visibility towards the outside, allowing the comfort of quality and natural light to be enjoyed.

Its highly regular, perforated micro-structure allows the fabric to act as a genuine heat filter. It repels up to 85% of the warmth of the sun’s rays, preventing overheating in summer and maintaining heat in the winter.

The plastisol coating has high resistance to harsh weather conditions, dirt markings and is fire retardant.


Fabric Composition 100% High Tenacity Polyester


PVC – plasticol coating both sides


Weight 360gsm
Made in France
Care and Cleaning The fabric should be cleaned every 2 years. Unroll the fabric completely and remove the dust with a soft, non-metallic brush or with a vacuum cleaner. Then wash the fabric using soapy water with a dilution of 10 % and at 20°C temperature. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Repeat the operation if necessary. Let it dry in the open air and roll up the fabric once dry
Water Resistance N/A
Warranty 5 years manufacturers warranty
UV Protection 90% UV protection.   Openness of 15%
Benefits Repels up to 85% of the sun’s heat * Consistent colour *  Fire retardant tested to AS1530.3/m2

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