PolyFX provides maximum protection from:
  •      Harmful UV radiation
  •      Heat
  •      Wind, Rain and Hail
     Used extensively in shade structures and sails around swimming pools, playgrounds, schools, outdoor leisure and entertainment areas.


Fabric Composition Polyethylene
Coating  N/A
Width 380cm
Weight 240gsm
Made in TBA
Care and Cleaning The Best Cleaning Method For Most Shade Sails.
Using Sugar soap and a soft bristle brush.
Work the soap into the fabric and leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse the sail.
NOTE: The brush must have soft bristles and must not be applied to fabric in such a way as to damage the weave of the Shade Fabric in any way.
If using a high pressure hose, a rotating brush head attachment must be used.
Do not spray the fabric directly with a high pressure hose as this can permanently damage the fabric.
For Shade Sails With Hard To Move Dirt And Grime.
Where a commercial grade cleaning product is required for hard to move grime, we would suggest a product known as Wet & Forget.
More product information, pricing and instructions can be obtained by calling 1800 222 302 or online at www.wetandforget.com.au
Water Resistance NA
Warranty 10 years manufacturers warranty.
UV Protection Up to 96.5%. colour Dependent
Benefits Fire-rated. Flammability Index 1 when tested to AS1530 pt2

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