Barrington Awning Fabrics are a locally-designed and manufactured product that is guaranteed to keep even the most exposed home cool.
Why Choose Barrington?
• Proven to reduce heat gain from the sun by over 95%.
• Effective in assisting with indoor climate control, requiring no electricity.
• Durable, resistant to dust and debris, and very easy to clean.
• Fade-resistant – colour vibrancy will stay beautiful for years, enhancing your home’s appearance.
• Stain-resistant – repels mould, mildew or stains created by any pooled water.
• Poly/cotton canvas – tough, and 100% Australian made
• Environmentally friendly – APEO* and solvent-free.


Fabric Composition        Poly/cotton canvas
Coating N/A
Width 220cm
Weight 540 gsm
Made in Australia
Care and Cleaning Clean with water or a mild soapy solution. Use a soft brush to avoid harsh scrubbing. Rinse with clean water.

Under no circumstances should the cover be cleaned with high-pressure cleaners, chemical substances or in a washing machine. The cover should never be rolled up and put away when wet.

Water Resistance Shower rating  100%
Warranty 7 years manufacturers warranty.
UV Protection Reduce solar heat gain by 95%
Benefits  Australian Made *  Reduce Solar heat Gain by over 95% * APEO and Solvent Free

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