Italia – Drop Arm Blind

Product Description

The Italia – Full Cassette Awning is beautifully styled.
The Italia Full Cassette awning system offers customers full protection for their chosen fabric from UV, and birds etc, by enclosing the fabric in the top powder-coated cassette box.
Powder-coated to any available powder-coat colour, the Italia Full Cassette awning offers customers a distinctive awning, with many practical, and clever features.
The Italia full cassette model uses spring loaded arms to ease the fabric back into the fully enclosed cassette, whether the Italia full cassette is motorized, or manually operated using a gearbox and crank handle. The operation of the awning is both smooth and effortless.
As the awning closes, the sculptured bottom rail fits snugly into the top cassette box, to form a weather-proof, and bird proof enclosure to protect the fabric.
The picture to the middle shows the cassette box in the fully closed position, with all of the external aluminium parts powder-coated for years of protection.
Available in sizes up to 5 metres wide, with a near vertical drop of 3600mm, the Italia Full Cassette models will suit most window sizes.

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