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FABRICS COLOURS - Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas

Folding Arm Awnings

Outdoor Blinds

Shade Structures
Architectural Sails


Below are some of the colour representations of Sunbrella acrylic canvas.
These colours are only a digital representation of some of the colours available.




Mediterranean Blue

Pacific Blue

Royal Blue 




Forest Green

Dubonnet Tweed


Acrylic Canvas is woven from top quality fibre, however, in some cases you may notice some minor imperfections after fitting your blind. These irregularities are inherent in the nature of acrylic fibre and have no effect on the performance of your canvas or the awning. When rolling the canvas, 2 layers of fabric are rolled next to 1 layer at the seams and this may cause some waffling or folds either side of the seams. Creative Canvas takes every care in producing an excellent product but can in no way be held responsible for these slight imperfections.

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